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How does this benefit you?

Quite simply, the D3 in Sunshine Mist Vitamin D Spray comes in a form your body can start putting to use immediately.*

In short, you spray this fine-mist formula into your mouth, swallow, and the essential nutrients are delivered to your circulatory system, tissues and cells quickly. Each spray is approximately 1000 IU.

But wait -- there's even more...

The tiny nano-sized particles in each spray are designed to release the vitamin D3 in a steady, time-controlled manner, ensuring a longer-term benefit and boosting efficiency even further*.

Needless to say, when you combine the Sunshine Mist Vitamin D Spray time-release mechanism with its rapid absorption, you get one incredible product. A product that, in my opinion, is clearly superior to any vitamin D3 pill, tablet, capsule, gelcap, or liquid on the market today.

What's more... There are no pills to swallow -- making it perfect for you if you're one of those people who hate to swallow pills.

As you probably know, vitamin D is an oil-soluble vitamin and there can be challenges absorbing it. This is why you only want to take an oil form of it and avoid the dry tablets. Better yet, I believe that the nano spray may be the best way to administer this vital nutrient.

The bottom line is that our Sunshine Mist Vitamin D Spray is stimulant-free, contains only natural ingredients, and tastes great! Best of all, it's packaged in a convenient pre-metered, non-aerosol, container that easily fits in your purse or pocket. Last but not least, it's...

Why Our "Nano" Products are Safe

Our manufacturer uses molecular mechanism based formulations consisting of highly concentrated oral spray, dropper, and beverage delivery systems in order to allow for absorption throughout the complete digestive system and to reduce first pass liver metabolism.

They have screened over a thousand raw materials and observed very large differences in particle size and solubility. They then utilized a proprietary screening process to identify raw materials that have the smallest particle size combined with natural methods to balance the hydrophobicity (HLB/LogP) and ionic state (pKa, zeta potential) in a water based delivery vehicle.

They have identified numerous food approved, GRAS, and natural products to restore the solubility and bioavailability of most dietary supplements. Their technology delivers completely natural, NOT synthetic, molecules to your digestive system in a form that most closely mimics the hydrated structure found in nature.

The Safe "Nano" Formulation Process

After extensive experimentation, our manufacturers found that the most effective methods to enhance the solubility of raw materials is to use a panel of gentle natural methods to disperse (predigest) artificial amorphous aggregates to nanoparticles or smaller (i.e. solution, dispersion, emulsion).

They verify the small particle size by ultrafiltration and particle size analysis using laser diffraction. Unlike the process used in most tablets, they do not add binders, fillers, flow agents, or other artificial excipients. A brief summary of the natural methods used to make stabilized solutions are discussed below that vary for each raw material used in our molecular mechanism based formulations.

Solvent is purified water to mimic 70% found in living systems.
Mild heat to provide kinetic energy to relax the crystalline lattice of aggregates.
Emulsification with natural nano molecules (e.g. saponins, bile salts, phospholipids).
Use only low energy mixing equipment that does not disrupt chemical bonds (i.e. mimic shear from chewing).
Use natural co-solvents based on LogP and HLB of raw materials (e.g. vegetable glycerin).
Adjust pH to for optimal ionization for solubility and to decrease microbial growth.
Adjust ionic salts to stabilize charged molecules in solution (i.e. Zeta potential).
Use natural preservatives such as rosemarinic acid, glycerine and potassium sorbate (low total dose in 780ul spray).
Add natural molecules to stabilize active ingredients (e.g. prevent hydrolysis, oxidation, precipitation).
Use standardized raw materials for highest concentration of active ingredients (HPLC standardized).
Use great tasting all natural flavorings and essential oils for improved compliance.
Use natural sweeteners with specific health benefits (e.g. xylitol).

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